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As far as I know, f your talking about digital cable, th "real digital"
channels, as in the ones above 100 or so (at least where ever I've had
cable) require the cable box from your provider to des-cramble/decrypt.
So, even though I have digital cable, unless I have a box changing
stations for me, my Computer will not be able to display/record any of
the digital offerings.

That being said, you can use an IR emmiter,usb, or firewire cable to
control the channels on your cable box, via your computer. I haven't
done this, but plan on it eventually.

If i'm wrong about any of this, someone, please correct me.

Dieter Schicker wrote:
> Hi,
> can someone recommend a specific tv card that does both analog and
> digital and works  well under Ubuntu? And if it's a cheap one I'm even
> more happy! ;-) I don't need "super quality" ...
> I saw a "TERRATEC 10435 CINERGY HT PCI DVB-T/ANALOG" card at the local
> store today (60 Euros =~ 80 Dollars which is really my upper limit for
> this tv crap ...). Would this card be an option under Ubuntu?
> Thanks in advance
> Dieter
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