iso8859 Icelandic month and date

Guðfinnur Traustason Finnur at
Thu Jan 25 14:23:37 UTC 2007

It is 1.0.12 

Joomla is using iso8859-1 and I can not get ubuntu to use it too

Joomla is geting its date and time informatison from the system



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On 25/01/07, Guðfinnur Traustason <Finnur at> wrote:

	I am setting up Joomla on ubuntu server and have problem with icelandic month and date name

Which version - 1.5 Beta or 1.0.12 ?
What problems specifically?
Have you approached the Joomla community with your problem or is the problem Ubuntu related, as you've asked an Ubuntu list for help? 

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