GNUbiff can't count

Claudio Clemens asturiolists at
Wed Jan 24 20:37:11 UTC 2007

Hi all,

can somebody give me some light? I'm using the Gnubiff Gnome-Applet to
display my local mails in /var/mail/claudio. It works somehow. But, it
doesn't count the number of e-mails correctly. It always count less
e-mails, then are in the mailbox.

But I just can't figure what is gnubiff counting.

For example: Now it is counting 4 E-mail, but in the mailbox are
actually 13 read e-mail (8 as exclusive To:, 3 as part of To:, 1 in Cc:
and 1 in Bcc:)

Any idea, if i can correct this behaviour? Or what is Gnubiff really

I didn't find anything in google :-/.


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