Lost VLC default skin after Edgy Upgrade / Is Zoom Like Xine possible.

Ben Edwards funkytwig at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 14:08:04 UTC 2007

After I upgraded to Edgy I seem to of lost the default VLC
skin/interface.  This means that when I start VLC I only get the video
display window, not the control window.   If I change the
interface/skin I can get the basic (non Max OS X like one) back but
when I quit and start VLC it has gone.  Any Idea how to soft this out?

Also VLC is my favorite media player (mainly due to the 10 sec/1
minute Fast Forward/Rewind controls).  Thing is I miss from xine is
the zoom.  I often watch wide screen films on my non wide screen
laptop.  What I do (with xine) is zoom in by about 10% to fill more of
the screen but it does not seem possible in VLC.

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