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Colin Brace wrote:
> On 1/24/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:
>> Yeah, I've been looking at that...did you know there is NO howto for
>> doing this on Ubuntu?
> Not so surprising. Most people using Ubuntu will probably prefer the
> GUI clients.

   Yeah, that IS true...I love the gui because, let's face it, after 28
years in the business...a couple before the release of the IBM PC, I've
opened my share of tarballs- I'm sick of it. I'm tired of the 'pothole'
you hit every time you "make install" to learn something is missing.
It's also why I'm trying to take myself out of the business.

> In any case, setting the port range, upload speed, and download
> directory in ~/.rtorrent.rc should be enough to get you going. Then
> you open your .torrent file in rtorrent. The thing to remember is that
> the file you are sharing must be in the download directory. When
> rtorrent loads your .torrent file, it will see the file, calculate the
> hashes, and start sharing it.

  Is there any danger in parking the .torrent file in the same directory
with the payload?

> Whether your creationist  target audience is BT-savvy enough to make
> it worth your while is an entirely different matter, but I guess you
> will soon find out.

    It might surprise you; I first found this on DemocracyPlayer...there
are other seeds for this, but I've cleaned up the naming scheme and made
it more Linux-friendly (spaces, apostrophes, etc) but the videos are all
the same.

    It's surprisingly clear, both in explanations and free of church
dogma- as I find myself repeating: that's what made this so astonishing,
and makes me want to share it. It makes no bones about saying, "Here,
the church has been wrong for SO long..." as much as "Science doesn't
understand this...".  This guy, like me, sees nothing wrong in the
"prototype" man, Adam, being based on "apes" at some point. He also
uncovers how unscientific the well-known development-of-man sequence
(monkey, ape, caveman, stock broker) sequence was, when it was published
by Time Magazine in the 70's.  Neat stuff.

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