Puzzling over bastille install

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Jan 24 02:08:13 UTC 2007

Brian Lunergan wrote:

> >> into a terminal window and try things out. Interesting and
> >> educational in its own way, but I reran it with the revert option
> >> and then pulled it back off. Opens with two error lines indicating
> >> it doesn't see my setup as a stable release so it backs itself off
> >> to
> > 
> > Interesting. What Ubuntu/Debian version are you running? I've never
> > actually installed Bastille but I hear good things about it and was
> > considering a closer look for my laptop (Edgy).
> The Badger (5.10). I was a little suprised myself as I thought it was
> a 'stable' release. While it's a nice touch that Bastille can back
> itself up to try and relate to an 'older' version the truly puzzling
> thing was that the other errors suggested it's default answers can't
> be applied to a stock, non-network install of an older edition.

I wild guess would be that because Bastille is one of those "low level"
thingies it almost has to treat anything but a current, "standard"
setup as a foreign entity. I can only have nightmares about the
logistics behind accounting for every nuance of every past
distribution, even in a single branch of an OS type, like "Ubuntu".

I wonder if Bastille doesn't have an "older versions" section
somewhere on their site...??
> > I prefer the cleaner an leaner appearance of Gnome myself. The
> > default KDE themes look a little "cartoonish" in my unimportant
> > opinion. I like small, consistent, and uncluttered. Nothing makes
> > me cringe more than sitting in the library or wherever, glancing
> > over at a Windows enslaved neighbor, and seeing a desktop polluted
> > with 187 shortcuts and a color scheme that stretches the moral
> > boundraries of "truecolor".
> > 
> > BLECH!
> Ah well, what can I say. In my own defence of the Windows side of my
> machine I have modified the look with the Tango project and use a
> feature of my wallpaper manager to turn off the desktop icons.
> Toolbar, clocX in an upper corner, and the background are it.

Good man. You're at least cleaning up the look and feel of Windows to
make it *appear* as a real operating system and desktop..

<grinning, ducking, and running> :)

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