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nodata wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 23.01.2007, 12:21 -0600 schrieb Brian Fahrlander:

> Whoa! Advertising. Religious too.

    Well, I had to include it in case anyone was interested in a fresh,
new look at things, and I had to couch it because religious tolerance is
something non-believers tend to do, too.  :)

> Does it also include the part about the earth being a tad older than a
> few thousand years? :)

    Yep!  It does.  And the suggestion the author leaves does *not*
preclude cavemen, either.  This is a scientific study- not a Bible
study.  Part of the problem, in his words, isn't science versus
religion, but scientists versus preachers.  That's a big part of why I
like it!

   (The 6,000-year debacle was because Usher, a monk in 1531 made some
assumptions, read the Bible verbatim in the list of generations and
never amended the work.  The listing is in a special order, not widely
known outside the Hebrew world. I've always thought that idea was more
than a little blind, too.)

> Anyway, you want to look at bittorrent seeding.
> See bttrack and btlaunchmany.

    Will do; thanks.

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