Upgrade to Edgy failing on X11R6 error

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Mon Jan 22 23:55:40 UTC 2007

Mario, Derek,

Thank you for responding.

Derek said:
> I don't see that.  How is a packaging system to know that they're merely
> help files, and can be safely trodden on without damaging anything?

I don't suppose a packaging system could know any such thing on it's own.

However, surely the people who make the packages could mark it in some 
way as to make it non-critical. Or at the least, make sure that they 
aren't part of a cyclic dependency. Or, if it's not possible for them to 
mark it as non-critical or protect the packages from cyclic 
dependencies, then the system is flawed.

Derek said:
> You could have tried aptitude
I did, as described earlier in the thread. That is how I discovered 
which packages had cyclic dependencies.

Mario said:
> It is much better to read the output of apt-get and only force the
> specific action that is blocking progress

That is what I did, as described earlier. Eventually came to a point 
where apt-get no longer worked, and I had to force the packages out with 

Dave M G
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