Scribus ok under Ubuntu?

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at
Mon Jan 22 22:23:55 UTC 2007

Bjørn Ingmar Berg wrote:

> Hi
> Does anybody know or have experience about running Scribus under
> Ubuntu 6.10? Is it OK or is it considered harmful?  I ask because on
> one hand it looks like just what I need right now, on the other hand
> the Scribus FAQ has an entire section about Ubuntu problems.

I'm running scribus-ng [1] from the Universe repository without any
problems at all. Didn't even know there was an FAQ. ;) I've also run
several compiled-from-source versions under Fedora, irrelevant as that
may be.

I'm not any sort of full time professional publisher but I do spend at
least a few days a month with it publishing two newsletters, as well as
occasionally updating a couple "posters" for my own part time ventures
and doing odd jobs for others.

From the FWIW department, in a previous life the comapany I worked for
took this business...

...out of the realm of stone age hand layup, and installed,
configured, and trained the small shop in the use of modern tools
including a well known "pro-feshonel publishin' package" that wasn't
Quark. ;) 

So while not a current power user I do have the benefit of having spent
several months immersed in the in that world learning said software to
a point that I could train real publishers how to use it, as well as
learning many things about publishing from those people. Which I
suppose means little except for the fact that I may be doing some
things and using features above and beyond what an average home user
might do. And as I said, the "testing branch" hasn't complained or let
me down yet... *shrug*

[1] I had the 1.2x "stable" branch version of Scribus installed
(actually I still do), but found it a bit limited so didn't use it more
than a couple days until I upgraded. In those couple days it ran fine
though. Regardless, the 1.3.3.x branch is a MAJOR improvement, so
enable Universe and get it from there. Or if you're brave, go to the
source and compile the very latest. <g>

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