dif. between ubuntu and debian

An-Dee an-dee at beos.hu
Mon Jan 22 15:41:39 UTC 2007


I have downloaded AMD64 DVD version 6.1
I cannot continue from step 5. I assign / to hda1 and swap to hda6,
but it says no 'root filesystem'.

what does it mean?
hda1 is ext3 fs, and hda6 is swap at the moment (another linux is


2007. január 22., 16:13:42, írtad:

DB> An-Dee wrote:

>> I would like to know what is the main dif. between ubuntu and debian.
>> It is not a flame question, I am not intrested in 'opinions' but in
>> facts.

DB> Shorter release intervals.
DB> -- 
DB> derek

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