"Cheap Soundcard" problem

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Sun Jan 21 21:54:53 UTC 2007

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    I'm used to an SBLive; the extra connections, the ability to have
any and all sources of sound kick-in any time they want to.  But because
a machine has (much) higher bogomips and makes a good video ripper, I

    The machine is a Dell Dimension 3000.  Nice machine; I've come to
trust Dell, lately.  But it has an Intel Chipset; the sound uses a ICH5
sound card, built-in.  I have ESD running...think I always have...but
now on the new machine I start a movie and need a cron-job to play a
.wav file (to wake me, remind me to take medicine, etc) the second job
is just not allowed.  It appears only one "pipe" of sound can go. Even
more bothersome is that "esdcat" is nowhere to be found. Odd. I didn't
see an esd-utils package, and the rest are installed.

    Top it off that ESD responds with "device busy" errors, and the
Googling begins.


    1: Put an SBLive in here.  Tough: the docs are LARGE on having
multiple cards in there, and the BIOS can't seem to take "OFF" as an
answer.  Tried it several times. Maddening.

    2: Figure out what I'm doing wrong with ESD; I've never done
*anything* from the default...it's running...the perms on the device are
right...it just won't play a second stream, and it needs to.

    Anyone got the strength to work this out with me?  I'd really
appreciate it, a lot.  I don't have an alarm clock, and cron does a
SUPERB job of setting the right time, on the right day...

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