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Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Sun Jan 21 18:59:42 UTC 2007

On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 13:35:15 -0500
Erik Schmidt <eschmidt90 at> wrote:

> Yes, I typed updateb first
> I am using 6.10
> the results for $ dpkg --list build-essential are:
> "no packages found matching build-essentials"


It's "build-essential" ( singular) - but that is kind of irrelevant, since
it appears your sources are misconfigured.

In GNOME, do the following:

1. Click on System - Administration - Software Properties  ( menu entry )
2. Give your password when prompted, then
3. Check the "Channels"  for main, universe, and optionally multiverse .
(You can also check backports, but unless you know that you need backports,
this is not necessary or particularly desirable.)
4. (a) Either  open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get update


(b) Open the Synaptic package manager and hit "Reload"  (either of these
will ensure that your listing of available packages is up to date)

5. Install the "build-essential" package. You can do this by typing

sudo apt-get install build-essential                         or

use Synaptic to install that package.

If this still results in errors, please post a copy of
your /etc/apt/sources.list  file


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