gnome loggin me out

William Stephens wstephens10 at
Sun Jan 21 01:07:23 UTC 2007


Gnome has been doing some funny things for me lately. If I am not on the
computer after awhile my gnome session crashes and the computer goes
back to the login screen. When other users log out 50% of the time my
whole computer freezes. If I push ctrl+alt F1 to get into a terminal my
computer will freeze on my desktop. In gconf-editor I unchecked the lock
screen at suspend hibernate and such options, other than that I should
be at default "edgy" settings. I have an ATI Radeon X300SE video card
and I dunno what drivers, whatever ubuntu did on install, everything
seems to work good graphics wise just gnome is horribly unstable. The
session crashes no matter what applications are running if any at all. I
would appreciate any help.

William S. 

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