Anyone used mtftar? (converting Windows .bkf backup files to .tar)

Adam Funk a24061 at
Sat Jan 20 21:30:57 UTC 2007

(Sorry, I know this doesn't relate directly to an Ubuntu package.)

I've been looking for a utility to unpack Windows backup (*.bkf) files
on GNU/Linux, and the only thing I've found is mtftar from
but it doesn't unpack into enough levels.

For example, if the .bkf really contains

  C:\Documents and Settings\alice\My Documents\foo.doc
  C:\Documents and Settings\bob\My Documents\bar.doc
  C:\Documents and Settings\bob\My Documents\fubar.doc

(and I know it does have the full directory structure, because I
unpacked it on a Windows machine to check) the tar file produced by
mtftar flattens the tree down to one directory below the drive letter:

  C:\Documents and Settings\foo.doc
  C:\Documents and Settings\bar.doc
  C:\Documents and Settings\fubar.doc

Has anyone else used this program, and perhaps figured out how to get
the full directory tree out?  Or can anyone recommend another utility?


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