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Jorge Castelao jorge.castelao at
Fri Jan 19 20:54:33 UTC 2007

El vie, 19-01-2007 a las 15:40 -0500, J. David Boyd escribió:
> Once upon a time, somewhere on the ubuntu web site, I saw an ISO for a
> 'minimum install' CD, purported to be ~10M, that installed a kernel, and the
> network, then installed everything else over the network.  As I have a machine
> that I cannot get to install from the CD no matter what I try, I think that I
> will now try this.
> _However_, I have lost the URL for this.
> Does anyone else know where this install ISO image is?

Perhaps what you need is instalinux ( You can
"make" a minumum installation CD (choosing from differents
distributions) in only 4 or 5 (very simple) steps.

Jorge Castelao
jorge.castelao at
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