Sound card keeps tying up

Neil McLeod neil.a.mcleod at
Fri Jan 19 02:14:00 UTC 2007


Sound works on my system, except some programs seem to "hog" the soundcard.

(1) I finish watching a video on YouTube. (2) KOrganizer produces a beep to
alert me of something. (3) I go to another YouTube video, but the sound now
doesn't work. (4) I have to close Firefox, execute "killall esd", and then
restart Firefox to be able to hear sound in the YouTube video.

What I've tried:
-Unchecking "Enable software sound mixing (ESD)"
-Changing my mozilla-firefoxrc to read FIREFOX_DSP="none"
Neither of these worked (although I haven't restarted my system yet).

Other information:
My sound card is an Intel 82801DB-ICH4. I'm running Ubuntu 6.06 on a
Thinkpad T42.

Any ideas on how to fix this so that I can use multiple sound-using programs
at the same time and not have to keep killing programs?

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