mp3 utilities

shadowfirebird at shadowfirebird at
Thu Jan 18 16:29:59 UTC 2007

You can rip MP3s from a CD on the command line.  You don't need sound
juicer.  Of course, it makes life easier to use a GUI program.  But if
you're having trouble, here's another way:

1) Use cdda2wav to rip the CD and store it on the disk as WAV files.

2) Use lame to turn the .wav files to .mp3's.  (Okay, this is a pain
on the command line, so I often use a much smaller GUI program than
juicer or rythmbox - 'Grip')

cdda2wav can be found in Synaptic in the package of the same name.
Ditto Grip.

For the record, here are the actual command lines I use:
cdda2wav -Icooked_ioctl -D/dev/cdrom -x -B -vall wavs
lame  --abr 96 -h -m s <wavfile> <mp3file>

(No doubt someone will say that these command lines are pretty weird.)

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