anacron and cron and laptop usage

ben darby ben at
Thu Jan 18 10:56:03 UTC 2007

* Georg Sauthoff wrote:
> >> To repeat the issue: I _am_ using anacron. With the default config anacron
> >> is only started at system startup and at 7:30 AM once a day, but only if
> >> the computer is running at that time. Thus if you only suspend your
> >> computer all the time - and it is never online at 7:30 - anacron is
> >> never ran again. I.e. anacron needs to run at least one time a day.
> you don't get my point. Please read this thread again.

what you are wanting is for anacron to run when you have resumed and not
actually having rebooted at all and not online at 7:30am, if i
understand correctly? in this case anacron will be called by the resume
script '/etc/acpi/resume.d/', running on battery power when
you resume? this script will not follow through. plug in your power
adapter after you've resumed '/etc/acpi/ac.d/' will be called
to run anacron, which should cover all your options to get it run once a
day or as close as possible where all the above conditions are met.
sorry if I am still well off the mark i have read your post + the thread
many times and am able to recreate your position + confirm that it acts
as i have described and what i have thought u'd been looking for. good

ben darby
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