Adding a hard disk

Matthew Kuiken matt.kuiken at
Thu Jan 18 08:47:19 UTC 2007

Kipton Moravec wrote:
> I thought I was in great shape until I rebooted.
> I changed the owner of /home/backup to kip and the group to nogroup.
> I changed the file permissions to drwxrwxr-x
> Then I copied a 24 GB directory to the /home/backup directory.
> When I rebooted, the /home/backup was owned by root, the group was root,
> and the permissions were drwxr-xr-x and the file in the directory was
> "lost+found"
> Now what do I do? I want it to be shared so I can send data to it from
> other computers. But It will not work if it changes ownership, group,
> and permissions.

Just a guess, but it sounds like you copied the folder before you had 
the drive mounted. (it was mounted when fstab was read during the 
reboot.)  if you run:

sudo umount /dev/hdc1

the files that you copied there should still be there, as they were 
copied to the home filesystem on /dev/hda4, but are currently hidden by 
the mounted drive.

I do not know how to change the permissions, but I would try changing 
them before unmounting /dev/hdc1, and then remounting /dev/hdc1 to see 
if they are retained then.

You can remount the filesystem by calling

sudo mount /dev/hdc1

This will find the fstab entry, and mount the filesystem there again.

You might also want to check out 'man mount' which discusses the options 
in the fstab file.


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