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Wed Jan 17 22:51:54 UTC 2007

James Englert wrote:

> >
> > Why do you need a desktop on your server?
> Alot of people run linux servers on old less stable computers.  A GUI
> makes it alot easier to diagnose problems.  This is especially true
> for less seasoned linux users.
> To answer the original questions, I would go with option 2. I think
> its easier to configure apache, mysql, and php than it is to
> configure a desktop.

I'd have to disagree. Emphatically. :) Workstation setup is by far the
easier install. Server setup is almost a science in itself.

I believe may have misunderstood the OP, but when someone says
"administer their server" I think of things in terms of a dedicated
machine. Not what essentially amounts to a single machine serving dual
purpose as a workstation running some services. If that's an incorrect
assumption I truly apologize for my confusion. 

If the OP has multiple machines and a workable network it's an
unnecessary waste of time to install Gnome/KDE/etc on the server.
Webmin is a remotely accessible "substitute" for the graphical tools a
GUI provides. And installing server components on a workstation to
administer a server is a total waste of time. They'll have no impact at

If, OTOH, the OP is talking about a single machine carrying all the
weight so to speak, I'd say it's going to be a lot easier to do
something like a LAMP install and then tag on the GUI via 'apt-get
install gnome' or the like. Configuring services is considerably more
involved than configuring a GUI, which should "just work". GUI
configuration is generaly a matter of aesthetics, and a LAMP install
makes the necessary intricacies of server configuration relatively
painless. Certainly more so than pasting services into a workstation
setup. Trust me, I've done it both ways. ;)

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