'Starting up partitioner' crashes

Mike Payson mike at dawgdayz.com
Wed Jan 17 07:22:14 UTC 2007

Ok, I might have figured out my earlier crashing problem. I forgot that I
upgraded this system to an Athlon 64 a year or so ago. When I switch to the
appropriate ISO, things go a bit better. The problem I'm having now is that
the partitioner is hanging. It gets to 7% on the 'starting up the
partitioner' dialog then just sits. I've tried rebooting, but it
consistently hangs at the same point. Could it be a problem installing to an
SATA drive? The drive is already properly formatted, so is there a way to
force it to skip this step? The text installer seemed to be a good option,
but my system crashed again as soon as I booted the installed system. I
suspect that the same thing might happen regardless, but it seems to be
working from the live CD (I'm sending this message from it). Any other
thoughts at all?
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