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Linda Hanigan wrote:

>   Is there a good source to learn how PATH works with ubuntu. I have the
> following line in .bash_profile
> PATH=/home/general/cprog:/usr/local/lbin/General:/usr/local/lbin/Awning:/usr/local/lbin/Tent:/usr/tmp:"$PATH"
> Yet if I have ran a program as /usr/local/lbin/Tent/Program1 and then
> make changes to the program as /home/general/cprog/Program1 recompile
> and test it just saying Program1 it runs the program
> in /usr/local/lbin/Tent not the program in /home/general/cprog even
> though it is listed first in Path. Granted I can insure the right one
> runs by typing the complete path but it is a pain.

Have a look at the hash built-in command (help hash). You might try
typing 'hash -r' after rebuilding the program to get bash to forget
where commands are. Alternatively, you could run the program by typing

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