"disabling power management in edgy"

NoOp glgxg at mfire.com
Mon Jan 15 18:39:34 UTC 2007

ken gross wrote:
> here is my problem, and from what i have found out through the forums,
> google, and various other places, this is a serious thing that needs to
> be addressed:
>  i have disabled all power management settings in edgy, including
> commenting out the dpms section in xorg.conf, and doing the setterm
> settings, but my monitor will still go to sleep after about 15 minutes
> of inactivity! this is very annoying when trying to watch a movie as
> many others have experienced. 
> what i would like to know first of all, is there some setting i may be
> missing, and secondly, is there a plan in the works to correct this
> flaw? by the way, i am using an ati radeon 9600 with fglrx driver.
> thanks in advance for any help

Give this a try:

Under Applications|Add/Remove|System Tools
install "Configuration Editor" / command line is "gconf-editor"
this is the Gnome configuration editor.

Click to expand the apps folders & then scroll down and open up the
  set the following to 20000 (or however many seconds you feel
comfortable with:
   - ac_sleep_computer
   - ac_sleep_display
unclick the last setting: "use_time_for_policy" if it is checked.

The above worked for me in Dapper.

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