Updating the Badger (v5.10) by dialup...

Brian Lunergan ff809 at ncf.ca
Mon Jan 15 15:53:42 UTC 2007

Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> Brian Lunergan wrote:
>> Evening folks:
>> I have the base and security repositories hooked into my setup (not the
>> applications one just yet) and I've gotten the little pop up that updates
>> are waiting. So, off I go to the update manager and I find it's giving me
>> an estimate of 179 packages to update weighing in at an estimated 169m
>> (I'm assuming that's non-ISO shorthand for megabytes). Now, on dial up
>> that is a non-starter to do in one sitting when I'm using the household
>> phone line. Can that list be downloaded in smaller (considerably smaller)
>> blocks or is that likely to cause problems with the operation of the
>> system.
> Maybe you could ask a friend, preferably a friend with broadband internet
> access ;-) to pull the updates for you and burn to CD-Rom?
> I did just that when I was on dial-up and it was less frustrating (for me,
> at least) that seeing updates sloooooowwwly dropping in for days and nights
> to come.

Ah, the Zen of updating by dialup. Reminds me to practise the increasingly 
uncommon virtue of patience. ;-)

Besides which, I've started the process in the midnight to 8am slot in discreet 
60Mb chunks (give or take a meg or two) and I certainly don't need to be around 
to handhold the computer at that hour of the night. Going that route, along with 
the occasional small capture during the day, I should have the list cleared by 
about midweek in a relatively painless fashion.

I do appreciate the suggestion, though. It's something to file away for future 
reference should the need arise to grab something off the net that is simply too 
big for the method I've started into this time.

Brian Lunergan
Nepean, Ontario

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