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Michael Satterwhite wrote:

> On Sunday 14 January 2007 18:13, Trevor Nye wrote:
> > Yep sorry I went off topic. I was explaining my use in my home.
> > Your mp3 player will be good, how about a dirt cheap second hand
> > laptop.....
> >
> > I like spending other peoples money.;;;;;
> I'm a poor struggling magician. You've seen magicians turn a $1 bill
> into a $100? I turn a penny into a nickel ... and I borrow the penny.

Strange. I can go the other way without even having to mutter any magic
words. :)

I use Sound Juicer to rip CD's to flac because flac is very high
quality and hard drive space is pretty cheap. Found a little graphical
util to convert to MP3 called oddly enough "Sound Converter". Gnome
app, I believe it's one of the major repositories as soundconverter.
Converts and moves to another directory or uses the same directory,
options to keep or save the old file, very simple and easy to work with.
You'll of course need all the appropriate codecs, as other people have
pointed out.

Something else I find indispensable for the rip/convert process is a
good ID3 tag editor. It's a pain in the butt to have all your music on
your player without being organized, and EasyTAG does a fine job of
both mass marking groups of files with an album/artist name or genre
(for example), and making sure both your V1 and V2 tags are in order.

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