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> I'm going to need to transfer some tracks from my
> "Music For Magicians" CD to 
> an MP3 player. I really haven't worked with hardware
> MP3 players, so assume 
> that my knowledge on this is a little less than
> rudimentary.
> What tools am I going to need to do this in Linux? 

(1) Use "Sound Juicer CD Extractor" to convert audio
CD to ".ogg" files.
(2) Paste the Perl source code for "ogg2mp3" into "vi"
and create an executable file (the '.pl' is
optional). The code is found at:,
under the "What" column.
(3) Download and unpack "lame" from:
(4) Install the package: vorbis-tools.
(5) Install the package: build-essentials, if there is
no compiler installed.
(6) Run './configure' from the "lame" directory. Then
run 'make', then 'sudu make install'.
(7) Make sure the executable is in you
PATH, so you can run it from anywhere.

> I'm assuming the player 
> will come with software for Windows, but booting
> Windows is something I don't 
> like doing.

You won't need this using Linux.

> Secondly, I'd like to add some voice-over to a few
> of the tracks that I 
> transfer. What tools will I need for this?

I'm a fish out of water on this one.

> I appreciate the help.
> ---Michael
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