"disabling power management in edgy"

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Jan 14 19:51:11 UTC 2007

ken gross wrote:

> here is my problem, and from what i have found out through the forums,
> google, and various other places, this is a serious thing that needs
> to be addressed:
>  i have disabled all power management settings in edgy, including
> commenting out the dpms section in xorg.conf, and doing the setterm
> settings, but my monitor will still go to sleep after about 15 minutes
> of inactivity! this is very annoying when trying to watch a movie as
> many others have experienced. 
> what i would like to know first of all, is there some setting i may be
> missing, and secondly, is there a plan in the works to correct this
> flaw? by the way, i am using an ati radeon 9600 with fglrx driver.

It may not be much help, but I have a general thought about the
problem. It may be that disabling/removing all your power management
setting will make it impossible to resolve your issues. Movie players
in general rely on those things being present so they can shut them off.
If there's nothing to "shut off"... it may be that something, even
firmware/BIOS, is defaulting to some sort of standard power saving

I'd say your best bet is to get things working they way they should
rather than ripping and tearing to try and remove the problem by brute
force. :)

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