Getmail / procmail / ???

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Jan 13 01:19:14 UTC 2007

ruscook wrote:

> Derek, I'm using bogofilter with postfix and fetchmail to download my
> messages (from various accounts) and then dovecot to read them using imap.
> What advantages would procmail give me over postfix?
Probably none.  If you have postfix working, don't try to fix it :-) 
However, I found postfix a pain to configure for what I wanted, and if you
don't need SMTP on localhost, procmail is sufficient, as fetchmail can pipe
directly to it.  It's not _wrong_ to use postfix, it just may be overkill
for the job, if you only need an MDA.

Procmail can do the sorting into dovecot's folders, but I prefer to let
kmail do that, as sometimes kmail doesn't see new mail in the subordinate
IMAP folders unless the mail is there when it opens the folder, or it puts
it there.  That's probably just a configuration problem on my end, but it's
easier to write the filters from KMail, too.

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