Derek Broughton news at
Fri Jan 12 19:29:14 UTC 2007

John Dangler wrote:

> On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 05:42 +1100, David Coldrick wrote:
>> nm-applet is what you're after. Obscure, huh :-)
> Strange.  nm-applet was already installed, but it allowed me to install
> network-manager-gnome as a _new_ application.

nm-applet is the gui.  network-manager is the back end. 
network-manager-gnome is _just_ a virtual package to keep the kde & gnome
packages using a common naming scheme (in kde, the gui is knetworkmanager,
and the virtual package is network-manager-kde).

You already had what you needed, you just needed to be able to find

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