[SOLVED] Adding a printer

Simon Skogh simon at swedishdrunkard.com
Fri Jan 12 19:29:58 UTC 2007

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Simon Skogh wrote:
> Hey guys.
> I'm trying to add a printer to an x-less system and after some
> Googling I found a nifty way to do it via the CUPS web interface.
> SSH and boot up links2 and off we go. Only problem is I don't know
> what the username / passwords are when I modify any setups. The
> info I found was for Debian and all it suggests is to use the root
> account / password (I can't remember if Debian uses sudo or not at
> this moment). I looked around in the configuration files for CUPS
> and all I could find was the user group, lpadmin, to which I added
> myself, without any luck.
> Does anyone know what account(s) I can use to set this up?
> Best Regards, Simon Skogh

Bah, isn't that typical, once I'd spent a long while looking for an
answer, giving up and then sending off the previous e-mail, I find the
info nested in a readme file. If anyone wonders what the answer was,
the user cupsys had to be added to the shadow group, administrator
(me) into lpadmin group (already done) and then a restart of the daemon.

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