Uninstalling Ubuntu

Michael Satterwhite michael at weblore.com
Fri Jan 12 14:12:00 UTC 2007

On Friday 12 January 2007 01:02, Mugarura Emmanuel wrote:
> Hello there.
> i need to uninstall Ubuntu, then install Windows Server 2003 then Dual boot
> it with Ubuntu again, but i cant seem to get started. On inserting my
> WinServer bootable CD, nothing happens,

You say that you "insert" your Winserver bootable CD. Do you reboot the system 
at that point, and is the BIOS set to boot from CD?  Just inserting the CD 
does nothing. Once you boot from the CD, then the Windows installer is in 
control, not any flavor of Linux. If it's not doing anything, that's a 
question for Microsoft.

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