Closure of a previous question and new questions on system security apps...

Brian Lunergan ff809 at
Fri Jan 12 14:13:25 UTC 2007

Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:
> Maybe if you post some more specific information information someone
> could help you make an even more informed decision. Like are we talking
> about a desktop or laptop. Newer hardware, or older? General machine
> specs? Using DSL/Cable? What are your typical usages? Email/web, IRC,
> file sharing, blogging, etc... Are you the only user of your system, or
> will you be sharing it with others? Are you or anyone else a gamer?
> Stuff like that will be what dictates your ultimate best case solution,
> not what worked on your Windows box.

Well, let me see. It's a desktop. Ubuntu is one half of a dual-boot setup with 
Win XP sp2 Home. Mix of new and old hardware with nothing that would pass for 
leading (or even bleeding) edge technology. The processor is an 800MHz AMD 
Duron. There's 1.2Gb of RAM. The monitor a Benq LCD. The HD a recently purchased 
80Gb unit. Maxtor or WD, I forget which. The sound card is a PCI512, and the 
modem is an external 56k by Gnet. Oh yes, the cd writer is an LG unit. I think 
that should cover all the hardware that might be relevant.

Usage? Single user system. I don't IM, or game, and I'm not into the music/video 
upload/download thing regardless of the legality of the source or lack there of. 
As far as what I do off the partition, I send and receive email, I do browse and 
download from the net but the browsing is mainly for research and reading and 
the downloading is only software from OOo, the R project, etc. and software 
updates. I have also mounted an occasional link to the Windows side of the 
machine if there's something to move between them, after which the link is closed.

Suggestive of anything? Waste of time to put ANY defensive tools in place, or is 
there a likely guard team that would be appropriate? Taking into account that 
I'm neither completely clueless about computing or paranoid about security. 
Instead I would characterize myself as just cynical enough about cyberspace as 
it now stands to believe that it is just a question of time before the crooks, 
scammers, schemers, and trouble makers search for new fodder on other platforms. 
I'd rather be as proactive as possible or practical rather than reactive and I 
think that may call for more than just keeping the system files up to date.

Brian Lunergan
Nepean, Ontario

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