ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 29, Issue 119

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Fri Jan 12 07:58:17 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 00:47 -0700, The Master of Disaster wrote:

>  The first time I burned it without hash checking the ISO. The
> installer said there was "one errors" on the disk and it would hang at
> login. I chocked it up to 
> a bad burn but later learned about the MD5 check. WinMD5sum says that
> the hashes are different. So I downloaded it again. When it got to 99%
> DownThemAll (the download manager I use which is a Firefox add-on)
> informed me that my disk was full, which was true because I forgot to
> delete the old ISO (this one would have overwritten the old, corrupt
> one upon completion). I deleted some other things and made about 800MB
> of free space available. To my frustration it caused the download to
> start from the beginning. The 3rd download got to 100% and DownThemAll
> hanged. After a few minutes of being unable to start, pause, or cancel
> (all of the buttons were greyed out) I clicked "remove completed
> tasks, which removed Ubuntus download, presumably because it was
> complete. I performed another winMD5sum check and discovered that this
> one too is messed. 

With a nickname / email address like that I think the above was still
relatively mild. :) 

(Sorry, I suffer from a particularly bad case of Friday today)

> Do the United States download servers not allow download managers?

They allow it.  I've never been too impressed with DownloadTHemAll
though but that could be a personal experience. I sometimes use
FreeDownloadManager when on Windows. 

> I really don't want to keep re-downloading the image because it takes
> 10+ hours and cannot be left unattended because the download times out
> every once in a while. 

Where are you located?  Perhaps you could arrange to pick up a disc
somewhere or get it burnt from someone with a fast connection or an
Ubuntu install disk lying around. 

> Is there an officially supported torrent for
> ubuntu-6.10-desktop-i386.iso? I at least know that I can download
> large files with that, and probably faster than with FTP.

Yes, go to Ubuntu.com and then download and you will see the torrent
download mentioned as well.

> P.S. When I reply to an email i can't change the subject in gmail, any
> hints?

There's a link called 'Edit Subject' after you reply. 

The Ubuntu community knows everything. :P  Honestly. 


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