Closure of a previous question and new questions on system security apps...

Jeffrey F. Bloss jbloss at
Fri Jan 12 01:56:39 UTC 2007

Brian Lunergan wrote:


> Until then I choose to set av and firewall as perimeter defences to
> deal with any windows based intrusion attempts, and select some of
> the stronger tools you and Constantine suggested to root out and deal
> with those that get through into where they are not wanted and not
> welcome. None of them may have very much to do for some time yet, but
> I'd rather have them in place to deal with that something when it
> arises.

But therein lies the rub... the tools Constantine (great post by the
way) and to a lesser degree, I suggested, aren't more or less
"powerful" than many of the tools you're use to using on another
platform. They're simply a different set of tools because the jobs are
different. By neglecting these new tools in favor of old tools that may
have served you well for other jobs because you're comfortable with the
way they feel in your hand, you are running a very real risk of not
getting a bolt tightened down properly or stripping the threads. :)

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