Vote for new Ubuntu Feature---Let's try it again --- and without getting all religious about it

Matthew Clarke mj3clark at
Fri Jan 12 00:05:35 UTC 2007

> Nobody has yet explained to me what the problem is with simply using
> your brain for something besides keeping your skull from caving in, and
> thinking about what you're doing for the .32 seconds it takes to
> realize you're opening something in read only mode.

This argument doesn't hold a lot of sway for me.  There are many
reasons why people (read: fallible human beings) will get into the
situation described by the OP that have nothing to with "being dumb".
For instance, being new to linux, being rushed, being tired, etc

Being new to linux in general, I'm not versed enough in the security
details to know what is appropriate, but I do know that a polished GUI
OS (that is trying to compete with other sophisticated GUI OS's)
should have user-friendly intuitive tools to assist people that have
gone about something the wrong way.  It is little details like this
that can make an OS shine with new users and turn them into converts.

> Are users becoming
> so GUI-ified by bright colors and flashing icons this seems like some
> sort of problem?? *sigh*

Um, isn't Ubuntu a GUI OS?  If ubuntu wishes to compete with the other
major GUIs (bug #1), then it better start spending effort to _assist_
users that have erred rather than hanging them out to dry.

Matthew Clarke

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