Java5 updates

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Jan 11 17:04:39 UTC 2007

ubuntu at wrote:
> hello:
> Ubuntu edgy has  sun-java5   1.5.0-08
> Sun has released Java 1.5.0_10  and  1.6
> Will there be a java update for Ubuntu edgy ?
> thanks
> leonel

To install the latest (10) follow the instructions here:

Note: this also works just find on Dapper 6.06x LTS. Also, do not use
Automatix2 to install: as of yesterday Automatix2 was still installing 6
on Dapper. For Dapper users: I highly recommend the upgrade to 10 given
the security issues & announcements from Sun regarding Java:

Added note: if you have multiple systems, once you've created the .deb
for 10 it's a simple matter of copying the .deb over to those systems
and running the
sudo dpkg -i sun-j2re1.5_1.5.0+update10_i386.deb

Alternate method if you have Java installed in a custom folder and want
to keep it there rather than /usr/java/:
[ for a shorter link]

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