live cd

Denis Witt witt at
Thu Jan 11 12:56:34 UTC 2007

Ghostmaster schrieb:

> I tried out the live cd.  But I never got past the load kernel.  I
> waited for a while.  How long should I wait?  Does this mean I can't
> use the Ubuntu with my hardware?  Should I try in my other DVD drive
> or what?  I never got a error message of any kind.

I once got the same on a Dell Opteron with a Maxtor harddisk. I don't 
know why this happends with the live cd but maybe the drive gets mounted 
during booting from the CD.

Anyway the solution was to disable UDMA6 for this Maxtor harddrive using 

Some (or all) Maxtor drives can't handle UDMA6 correctly, UDMA5 works 
very well.


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