Ubuntu Server 6.10 + I need desktop for basic purpose (Ubuntu/Xubuntu)

Just Do it jdoit555 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 09:30:14 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I have PIII, 1.13Gz of processor with 128MB SD RAM(later buy another stick
of 128MB RAM).

I am still unbale to install Ubuntu. Buts its okay. That is not neccessity.
Then I tried Xubuntu it is working fine.

But since it is not pre-installed with LAMP so I have to go for Ubuntu
Server edition.

Now I have Ubuntu Server Edition. I am new to Linux but passionate about
learning thing quickly. So since a week
or so I am trying to play with commandline. The journey is quite fun :-) as
of now.

I could able to play with MySQL, Apache but could not able to test my PHP
script. And to be honest I do not have internet
connection in home. And not planning to get one soon. But I want to feel
totally web developement under LAMP. But since
server edition lack the GUI feature. So unable to decide whether to stick
with it or not.

I know this is not a Server mailing list. But still I post this mail hope to
get any response from some where. I don't want rich
GNOME or KDE functionality but just need to get my work done. I am not
afraid to work on command line although I am a
new user. But still I want to test the look and feel of my website at the
same time want to work on power of Linux.

This is my first in any mailing list. Hope I got some reply and it will
encourage me to participate in the community.

Please let me know in case of more clarification required.

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