GNU/Linux based CAD Environment;

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Thu Jan 11 09:23:31 UTC 2007

Dear Thomas;

Just for the record the Varkon is also there in ubuntu archives.

Comming to the topic. Man you went to great depth on this topic,
Congratulations. Hence I was forced to think further.

I also found your concerns valid and relevant for CAD environment
As you pointed out the GNU/Linux + CAD environment is  something
can be a real big thing.


If someone consider the distribution based on CAD application
then one would also have to multiply the number of complications
mentioned by you and they would look something like:

- Which Linux kernel (2.4.x or 2.6.x)
- Which environment GNOME, KDE, XFce, FluxBOX. .
- Which Hardware X86, AMD, PowerPC (my knowledge is limited)
- Which Display . . . .

The focus would be lost from CAD to OS.

While the distribution would support only Varkon. Fogeting the
real issues mentioned by you which needs to be shorted out
to get a real good CAD environment. While many of the people would
not like to migrate to Varkon. I am yet to try it out.

I would like to compare GNU/Linux based CAD environment concept to
GCC instead of Linux. As this so called GNU CAD environment can bring
all CAD related contributions to a standard. I think is a
good step while I am yet to understand how succesfull they are
at creating standards.

I was really curious why so many application for simillar task.
All seems to be inventing the wheel of their own.

QCAD, PythonCAD, VariCAD, BricsCAD . . . . . . . and they
seem to be doing same thing. What I call is
"Everyone invented the wheel."

While main aim of OpenSource (GNU) effort which I consider
is using the wheel which is already invented and adding engine
to it to finally get a Merz . .

More Discussion on this would again put us offtopic and might
remove us from this user group . . Ha Ha Ha . . . !

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Am Wed, 10. January 2007 11:46 schrieb Yagnesh Desai:
> Dear Thomas;
> Great that you have pointed out the Varkon.  I will surly try
> it out.
> Just for your information debian has it in its repository what
> we can do is try to install it from Debian's archive.
> On the CAD based distribution I have a wild thought:
> I think one can start a distributing "CAD addons" for linux.
> From this place Source codes of such software would be linked
> to and also a compiled .iso image would be available so after installing
> your favorite Linux distribution (ubuntu/fedora) you just drop in
> this "CAD addons" CD and the cad environment get installed.
> Since ubuntu or Fedora for that matter will not like a CAD installation
> in the base installation. Considering the lesser usage.
> What do you say.

There are several aspects which are against your idea.

1st different package management, rpm, deb, slx,....
    This will become a sisyphus job or as in a german saying 'a job for
    someone who slew father and mother'

2nd What exactly shold be 'CAD addons'
    Part libraries, parametric sets, addon scripts, additional programms,

3rd For which field of CAD
    Architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, ...

3rd Wich standardisation to use
    Iso, EN, DIN, ...

4th What will be the applications which should be on the cd
    QCAD, XFig, Varkon, ...

Your idea seems to be smart on a first run but if jou give it a closer look

you may see that all the above points I mentioned not only sum up but
morelikly multiply each other. So a DVD will become too small for all this.

But IMHO a stronger argument is how such an addon cd will be seen by
professional CAD users who are familiar with professional CAD environments.
fear it will only be seen as another set of hobbyist applets.

The reason why no one has started an Asterisk at home like CAD distribution is

its complexity. It will be hard to distribute only a Varkon for mechanikal
engineering plus some part libraries on a single CD.

So on the long run it will come to an Varcon based distribution which has
additional cd's which have the needed packages. E.G. a cd for architecture,

one foe electrical engeneering, one for mechanical engineering, ....

So what I said max be seen overambitious but I beleve it might be worth to
discussed / done because such a projact may have the same impact to the CAD

field than Linux has to the field of OS.


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