Closure of a previous question and new questions on system security apps...

Brian Lunergan ff809 at
Thu Jan 11 00:51:37 UTC 2007

Evening all:

Closure first on my previous thread. I solved the hosts file problem by wiping 
the install and reinstalling using the linux rather than the expert entry line. 
Worked like a charm. Sudo (and its variants) work as they're supposed to, when 
they're supposed. Internet connection sets up properly, and all menu choices 
work as they should.

Now, as to questions on systems security apps. I'm running v5.10 and have 
upgraded my Firefox to version 2. I've pulled in a debian edition of the 
anti-virus program I've used for the last year or so on my windows setup, and 
have a trio of likely candidates to investigate for a firewall application. I'm 
looking for a good data backup solution to cd-rw, and an anti-spam application 
along the lines of the spampal program I've been using over on my windows setup.

Having said all that I can just hear all those Linux purists on the list getting 
ready to trot out the flames and put downs that I'm some kind of windows drone 
to think the great and glorious OS needs such programs. Nothing could be further 
from the truth. I'm just practising a little enlightened self-interest in 
protecting myself. Spam is still going to show up in the inbox regardless of 
which OS hosts it, and we all work on electronic equipment that can be damaged 
or fail at inopportune moments so it would seem prudent to have the important 
files kept safe off-system. While the first two utilities may not have much to 
do YET there are certainly those scum balls who will try the door and it makes 
perfect sense to post a guard. What makes no sense is to suggest any of these 
programs will NEVER be needed simply because we use Linux

Brian Lunergan
Nepean, Ontario

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