No GCJ, only Sun Java5: how??

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Jan 10 17:20:01 UTC 2007

Martin Marcher wrote:

> --On 10. Jänner 2007 10:31:54 -0400 Derek Broughton <news at>
> wrote:
>> Martin Marcher wrote:
>>> Personally I only tried installing java tomcat eclipse and alike
>>> stuff only once or twice with apt-get so this may be very subjective.
>>> Save yourself the hassle and just download sun's java from the
>>> original download site as well as tomcat.
>> That absolutely doesn't save any hassle - because then you don't have the
>> apt dependencies for Java.  Downloading Ubuntu's Sun Java packages is
>> much simpler.
> IMHO there aren't any dependencies that you need that apt will get, the

Not dependencies _for_ Java.  Dependencies for everything that is in the
Ubuntu repos that _need_ Java.  Like Tomcat.  Eclipse _doesn't_ need java
because it packages its own libraries for its internals.

derek at othello:~$ apt-cache depends tomcat5 
 |Depends: kaffe
 |Depends: java-gcj-compat-dev
  Depends: <java2-runtime>

You _can_ run tomcat without sun-java5-jre, but that is the problem the OP
is trying to avoid.

> only thing that happens is that
>  * eclipse can't self update
>  * you're bound to the versions available in the repository (not really
>  but using others will bring you right to what I described)

You don't _have_ to use just the current repository, and even when you do
you can force it to select specific versions.  Still much easier than
downloading from Sun and doing something else to satisfy package

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