Help to install ubuntu on laptop ASUS W2J

Yagnesh Desai ynd at
Wed Jan 10 12:23:56 UTC 2007

Just check if someone have installed Linux
on this model of laptop at

Might get some tips there

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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 14:05:12 +0300
From: Ru <sorokin at>
Subject: Help to install ubuntu on laptop ASUS W2J
To: ubuntu-users at
Message-ID: <45A4C868.3050700 at>
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Hello ubuntu-uses!

Please, help me to install ubuntu6.10 on laptop ASUS W2J.
Standart installation from ubuntu-6.10-desktop-i386.iso disk failed
because of video card glitching (ATI Mobility Radeon X1600).
Installation in text mode from ubuntu-6.10-alternate-i386.iso disk
success, but what to do next?
Any help would be greatefully appreciated.


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