No GCJ, only Sun Java5: how??

Ringo De Smet ringods at
Tue Jan 9 16:11:46 UTC 2007


I am running Ubuntu 6.10 and I am trying to install Tomcat 5.5 on Sun Java
5. I have installed the Sun Java5 packages (bin, jre, jdk, plugin) from
multiverse and I would now like to install Tomcat. My problem now is that
every package management tool (apt, aptitude, synaptic) insists on
installing gcj/gij stuff. I wonder why, since Tomcat 5.5 depends on either
kaffe, gcj or java2-runtime. java2-runtime is provided by the Sun Java5 jre
package. Is there any way I can prevent the installation of gcj/gij stuff?
update-java-alternatives didn't help me out here.

I have a similar problem with libsvn-javahl (want to use this for
Subclipse, the SVN Eclipse plugin) that depends on java1-runtime.


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