bye to ubuntu + many thanks

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Tue Jan 9 09:33:08 UTC 2007

Guillermo Garron wrote:

>> Hi Anlanc,
>> I also do have very clear reasons, at least this is what I learned to
>> hope ;-)). As I decidedly continue to be in favour of Ubuntu, I did not
>> feel the need to elaborate on this. It is not my intention to offend
>> anyone and I also have no reason at all to badmouth Ubuntu or anything
>> else. However, Christian Rink expressed interest to hear a more detailed
>> reasoning, so I wrote down my technical whys to switch over to SuSE.
>> The track is called "Re: Bye to Ubuntu" and, again, it is not meant to
>> say anything negative but solely expresses my very personal base of
>> decision.
>> I am optimistic that we will now be able to concentrate on the technical
>> side of things, once more.
>> If there will be a need, I will be happy to continue to discuss reasons
>> and advantages/disadvantages of Ubuntu versus OpenSUSE on sounder or via
>> PM.
>> Thanks much and kind regards
>> Eberhard
> I think,
> It is really difficult to say which linux distro is better, I have
> almost no experience with OpenSuse Just have it on VMWare, seems
> clean, and good.
> I use Fedora and Ubuntu as desktops, and have CentOS, and Debian as my
> servers.
> I like them all, as you love your sons just because they are
> different, it is kind of something similar I think.
> Like Fedora I think because my first Distro was RedHat in 1997.
> Ubuntu is really a nice Distro, only one CD (Live CD) is great, if you
> have Internet conection, on the other Hand Fedora or OpenSuse (I
> think) could be great to install on machines with no or limited
> Internet Access (All from CDs), Fedora just change too much, but you
> can upgrade from one version to another really smooth, but need to
> download 4 or 5 CDs each 6 months to stay up to date. :(.
> With Ubuntu you have the LTS 6.06 which I am using.
> CentOS and Debian are just great as Servers, CentOS a Little bit easy
> for me, as i came from RedHat.
> Just my personal opinion, All linux has advantages and disadvantages,
> even the smallers ones. Today I have tested "Damn Small Linux", it is
> great to know you can have a linux in 50 megs!!!, Also its System
> Monitor is great and none of the others comes with it. :).  Funny
> huh?.
> Talk about which is better or worse, is more or less like talking
> about politics or religion.
> have a nice day.
Hi Guillermo,

I could not agree more. 
And the differences do not matter to much, as long as you like it and as
long as it is Linux.

kind regards

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