100-200 load average on an idle system: Help!

Thorne Lawler thorin at trouble.net.au
Tue Jan 9 06:47:21 UTC 2007


The load has dropped away again to zero (with no other perceptible 
change in the system). It did this last time I rebooted the box, but was 
back at 100+ 24 hours later. I will keep watching it and try to gather 
more information next time this happens.


Rilindo Foster wrote:
> You can try this:
> ps -auxwww | sort -k2 | tail -10
> This will give you a process list and sort them by CPU usage, then  
> the last 10 (which should hae the highest usage).
> Forward that info back to the list so that we can see what we can  
> make up of it.

The 'top' output I sent through was sorted by %CPU, and showed clearly 
that the top process was using 1.9% and nothing else was using more than 

If you mean cumulative CPU time, I have tried sorting on that too, and 
found similar results. Nothing has been working particularly hard 
cpu-time-wise, according to ps.

The machine isn't a big box, and it has been handling just fine 
throughout the period when its load average was high. Still is.

I will gather detailed output from ps, both in terms of momentary CPU 
usage and cumulative CPU time, next time the problem arises, and I will 
post it.

Sorry not to be able to answer your request immediately.

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