<0> Kernal Panic - Not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt.

z55_2006@hotmail.com z55_2006 at hotmail.com.com
Tue Jan 9 03:37:46 UTC 2007

I am getting the error: 
<0> Kernal Panic - Not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt. 
Whenever I begin to load the following Linux operating systems: 
Feathers Linux (Live CD), Slax Linux (Live CD), Vector Linux (HD install, Lilo partition on MBR, thanks Rob_Pomeroy, it does work excellent) 
Well, anyways, I get this error when booting the OS. It comes before the desktop, and I think its  before everything loads. There is QUITE a lot of information before this error, but it sweeps by so fast! 
My computer is a 128MB RAM, 733MHz processor, 7GB HD. 
I am planning on switching to Ubuntu, and getting WineHQ so I can run some Windows applications.  
Please help, since I cant get it to work, I have stuck myself with DOS and Windows 3.0! 
What causes this problem, and how can it be fixed? 

I am asking here because I would like to identify the problem so I can install Ubuntu on my computer, after upgrading the RAM first of course
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