bye to ubuntu + many thanks

ac "aec$news" at
Mon Jan 8 17:40:01 UTC 2007

Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> On 1/6/07, *Eberhard Roloff* <tuxebi at <mailto:tuxebi at>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I decided to switch from Ubuntu to OpenSuSE.
>     I'd like to say  a great thankyou for all the help that I got from this
>     list, either direcly or by simply reading the list mail. Ubuntu is a
>     great
>     community and it deserves to be supported by great people -people
>     like you.
>     I will test Ubuntu from time to time and I am looking forward to be back
>     when circumstances allow me to do so.
>     Kind regards
>     Eberhard
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> I guess this is what we need! why people hate Ubuntu and why are they 
> switching.

The op does not say he even dislikes ubuntu, let alone hate it. He 
also does not say any reasons why he has made the decision.
He says he is looking froward to being with ubuntu again in the future 
- when it is allowed, which sounds as if he does not have much choice 
in the matter just now.

The post mainly focuses upon the community. Not the distro function.

In contrast, when I decided to move away from suse I had very clear 
reasons and stated these clearly to the suse group I used.

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