Web browser faulty rendering [resend due to undelivered message]

Mauro Grauso maurograuso at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 14:16:39 UTC 2007

I've noticed that the Links web browser (links2 in ubuntu) seems to be
broken. Apparently the rendering of web pages that use CSS technology
is not correct at all. The browser is supposed to support javascript
and css.

For example if you point links2 in graphical mode to slashdot:

# links2 -g www.slashdot.org

you'll notice that all the layout is messed up.

If you go to the links2 official webpage, there's a screenshot of the
browser that correctly handles slashdot (both in text and graphical


I'm really puzzled about this and I can't even find any useful info online.

Links is a really useful tool for underpowered setups, it's quick and
light, so it's a pity that it can't be used to its full extent.

ubuntu 6.06
links2 (2.1pre20)

Also building from the last source doesn't help. I'm wondering if
Ubuntu has any default setting that prevents the browser to work


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