Vote for new Ubuntu Feature

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Mon Jan 8 10:00:09 UTC 2007

Am 08.01.2007 um 10:42 schrieb mtyoung:

> root user in Ubuntu is a pain.
> The feature I propose is that every time Ubuntu won't let you do
> something because you're not the root user or owner of something, it
> should give you the opportunity to enter your password.
> Some features do that now. Make it universal.

Very much against that,

it would make the user think he/she is allowed to do that. If you  
want to change something as root (which should be seldom enough if  
you do things right) you should "feel" that you do something that is  
affecting your whole system.

Also multi user setups wouldn't imho profit from this. everyone would  
think he/she is allowed to do it where just the opposit is true...


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