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You should be able to use Gparted within Ubuntu to resize the partition,
then install XP to the other.  In theory, it *should* be able to detect the
presence of the other OS and automatically set up the dual boot menu.
However as a general rule of thumb, always install the oldest OS first,
which is backwards in this case.  Take all possible precautions, like
backing up your partition first, and also, slipstreaming your XP CD with
Service Pack 2 and all other available updates.  This will maximize the
chance that XP will detect and set up the boot menu correctly.

Ignore the following if you already know your stuff about slipstreaming:

Some very simple tools for slipstreaming:
nLite : -- This program facilitates slipstreaming
service packs and updates.

Service Pack 2 download:

All updates and hot fixes to date: -- Scroll
down and click on "RyanVM's Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack" which will take
you to another page, scroll to the bottom and download four files:  Post-SP2
Update Pack (Required), RyanVM DirectX 9.0c Add-on (Optional but extremely
recommended), RyanVM Add-on Pack (Optional, but recommended), RyanVM WGA
Add-on (Optional).

Install and run nLite, and the rest should be pretty self explanatory.  When
you get to the menu, you'll want to highlight "Integrate Service Pack",
"Integrate Hotfixes", and "Make ISO" at a minimum... Anything additional you
do is up to you.

Hope this helps!

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My Ubuntu installation fills my entire HD.  Now, for rather embarassing
reasons, I'd like to make my PC dualbooting and add the Redmond alternative
It would be easy enough to scratch the disk, install XP on part of it, and
then reinstall Ubuntu on the rest.  But is there a smarter more direct way
to accomplish this?

As a sidenote I want to say I've gotten lots of really good and useful help
on this list.  I am very grateful for the help I get, and it feels good
being a part of something like the Ubuntu community.  So again, thanks in

Bjørn Ingmar Berg


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